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Raleigh Admission

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Charlotte, NC
April 6-7

Raleigh, NC

Preliminary Round



Sunday February 24, 2019

6:00 PM Saturday March 16, 2019


Holshouser Building
State Fairgrounds
Raleigh, NC

Jim Graham Building at State Fairgrounds
Raleigh, NC

In line with Nuv Yug's mission to preserve and promote awareness of Indian Cultural Arts, Nuv Yug IDOL strives to encourage youth to develop and sustain a passion for Indian classical, folk, and popular music. Nuv Yug IDOL is a world class platform for youth to achieve recognition for their talent and dedication to aforementioned art forms. In this event, singers in similar age and/or gender groups compete for the Nuv Yug IDOL title. A panel of independent judges scores each participant, recognizes them for their talent and dedication to learning, and encourages them to continue to develop their passion! In 2019, the Nuv Yug IDOL (adult group) winner will take home $500 cash prize.

Raleigh Judges Panel | Charlotte Judges Panel

General Info and Rules:

  1. Online registration is required for Nuv Yug IDOL preliminary round in Raleigh. For minor contestants, an adult must submit the entry. Please refer to our online entry submission process for more information and a link to the registration page.
  2. Nuv Yug utilizes its, one of a kind, online system to deliver an unmatched, immersive and enchanting experience for the audience! You don't want to miss it.
  3. Only solo entries are accepted from contestants 8 year old or above. A contestant may compete in only one Nuv Yug IDOL location.
  4. Anyone who has won the title in a previous year in any Nuv Yug location is NOT eligible to compete again in any location in the same age category. They are invited to perform at the IDOL event and give trophy to the new winner.
  5. The Nuv Yug IDOL committee may offer a bye to a contestant to the semi final round based on their prior accomplishments. If you feel that you deserve a bye to the semi final round, please contact a committee member or call our committee phone number listed on the Contact page. You will still need to register before the preliminary round to compete like everyone else.
  6. All performances must be prepared on a soundtrack. No entry will be accepted without an accompanying pre-recorded soundtrack. No live band or instruments are permitted.
  7. The song selection must have its origin in India - songs based on any Indian language are accepted. Remember, the focus is on a contestant's ability to sing in an Indian language and not the music itself.
  8. Only 3 minutes of performance is needed for the preliminary (audition) round. All contestants, progressing to the semi final round, are required to upload a new (second) soundtrack before the semi final. In addition, all semi finalists are required to bring a separate (third) sound track on a USB stick that can be used if they progress to the final round.
  9. Age categories and the number of participants for the semi final round will be decided by the committee based on the number of entries in each age group before the preliminary round.
  10. During the preliminary round, entries will be auditioned in age groups and a certain number of contestants in each age category will be selected for the semi final round.
  11. The finals (semi final and final) will be held during the festival weekend in March.
  12. During all rounds, contestants are awarded between 1 and 5 points for each of the following categories: Song Selection, Voice Quality, Preparedness, Stage Confidence and Audience Connection for a total score that ranges between 6 and 30. The online system computes the average score for each contestant by taking into account scores from all judges.
  13. During the preliminary round, contestants progressing to the finals round are selected at the end of each group's audition based on their average score and other factors that help us offer a good variety of highly talented contestants for the finals. The average scores are not disclosed in this round, since scores are not the only deciding factor in this round.
  14. During the finals, judges' submit scores to our online system. The online system then displays the results on a big screen within minutes of all judges submitting their scores. From the semi final round, top two contestants are selected to compete for the title in the final round.
  15. The Nuv Yug IDOL committee reserves the right to adjust these rules as needed at its sole discretion. All committee decisions are final.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.


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Non-Discrimination Policy
Nuv Yug does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, marital status, any disability, sexual orientation or veteran status in its programs or employment.

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